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Too many therapists on Instagram?

Building and growing your private practice on Instagram can feel like a daunting task. You might be wondering if you have what it takes to stand out amongst the sea of other therapists who are already on the platform. 🤔

However, it’s important to remember that: ❤ you are one-of-a-kind and no one can be like you

❤ your unique perspectives are needed now more than ever.

❤ it’s crucial that you share your expertise and experiences with the world with so many people struggling with their mental health.

This means that there's STILL ENOUGH space for YOU and it won't be running out anytime soon! 😊

Let's go back to 2020 when almost every country on Earth thought they have a good supply of doctors and nurses.

Then the pandemic hit. Can we still say we have enough? 🤷‍♀️

My point is YOU are more needed than ever - and we don't need another pandemic or world crisis to let that be known.

Here are some helpful tips you can try as a therapist starting out on Instagram:

🚀 Focus on yourself, what sets you apart, and what value you can bring to your ideal audience.

You might've thought, "What am I going to share that hasn't already been shared yet!?"

The mental health community on Instagram is constantly growing and will continuously be, but there is always room for more voices and perspectives.

Remember that an average person can only consume a specific amount of content in a given day and each hour, there are a million pieces of content posted on Instagram (and I'm not exaggerating on this one).

◾ It would be naive to assume that your ideal audience would no longer need to read or listen to your message just because they came across a similar message before.

Plus, let's not forget to factor in a person's attention span which continues to decrease with so many distractions!

◾ Don't let the fear of competition hold you back from sharing your knowledge and experiences with the people who need it the most!

🚀 Share your personal story - it can be your journey as a therapist/mental health professional or a similar one.

People are more likely to engage and respond with content that they can relate to on a personal level.

◾ This helps humanize your brand aka letting your ideal audience see past the beautiful graphics and videos you're posting on Instagram.

By sharing your own struggles and how you overcame them, you can connect with your ideal audience in a meaningful way.

Well, it doesn't have to always be your challenges, but think about what other situations can you share that you know your ideal audience can relate to.

◾ This also increases your KLT factor - Know, Like, and Trust factor. Just like when dealing with businesses offline, you don't expect people to trust you right away. Trust needs to be earned and you can't have it if your ideal audience doesn't know who you are.

There are three more that you can do! Check these out 🥳

🚀 Create monthly themes if you have different specializations. Otherwise, focus on one!

Perhaps you specialize in a certain type of therapy, or you have experience working with a particular population.

By highlighting your unique skills, you can attract the people who are specifically looking for your expertise.

If you're specializing in ADHD, create content that would revolve around ADHD. There is a lot of information about ADHD and I know you'll never run out!

But remember that you're talking or connecting to your ideal audience about this information, not a fellow therapist.

This means: ✅ ensure that when you create content, it's easily digestible so you don't

overwhelm your ideal audience

✅ feel free to experiment with different content forms (photos, stories, Reels) and assess which of these your ideal audience best responds to!

If you offer different services like helping those diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, or those who have eating disorders - consider creating a monthly theme.

Example: May - anything related to Anxiety

June - anything related to Eating Disorders

July - anything related to Depression

This way, you can focus when creating the content and not jump from one topic to the other. This also helps your audience to focus on one area at a given time.

🚀 Engage with your audience and collaborate with other mental health professionals on Instagram!

Respond to comments and direct messages in a timely manner to keep the momentum, and you can even ask for feedback on your content.

This can help you to better understand your audience and create content that resonates with them!

As for collaboration, one of its benefits is that it increases your visibility and discoverability since the post will also be seen on the therapist's profile you've collaborated with!

🌈 The visibility is not only limited to your ideal audience but other mental health professionals will see it too, giving them an idea that you might also be open to collaborating with them!

🌈 This will also attract brands/businesses that are related or aligned with your specialization and this increases the opportunity for them to work with you!

Another major benefit to this is that you can also partner with someone who might have a different perspective or area of expertise, and you can create content that is more well-rounded and informative.

🚀 You have full permission to promote your services on Instagram.

You are a human with basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter just like everyone else.

But, because of these societal prejudices about mental health professionals, this is one of the areas that most therapists find challenging to do!

I know it's super tough and easier said than done but I hope you can start to unlearn this thinking - that you should only give, give and give. 😐

There is a better way to promote your services, of course -- in an authentic and not overly salesy way!

To do this, take baby steps until you are fully comfortable and you make it a habit to promote your services on Instagram!


Remember that Instagram is just one tool in your marketing arsenal. Feel free to also explore other marketing strategies, such as networking, public speaking, or writing articles.

Finally, you are more than just a mental health professional on Instagram. Take care of your own mental health and well-being, and be sure to set boundaries and take breaks when needed.

By staying true to yourself and your values, and by consistently sharing valuable content with your community, you can establish yourself as a respected and trusted voice in the mental health community on Instagram.

You may not be needed by everybody BUT your people - your ideal audience, needs you, your messaging, and what you can offer to help them.


Looking for more support? HERE'S HOW I CAN HELP YOU 👇

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Cheering you on,

MJ 💕


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