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My Top Online Resources

Each tool here has my personal affiliate link – I earn commissions when you sign up using them, and it won’t cost you extra.


These are the tools I use, and are game-changers in powering my online business growth!

Canva's the most beginner-friendly out of all the online design tools I've used!


No experience yet when it comes to designing posts or presentations? Canva's got you covered!

Sign up for Canva PRO here.

The email marketing software that's a bang for your buck especially when you're still in the process of growing your email list.

Personally, they have the best automation settings and features - it's clear, organized, and concise!

Sign up for Active Campaign here.

Organize your most important links and still maintain your business' branding through!

Use this link not just on your Instagram account's link in bio but on almost all social media platforms.

Sign up for here.

This project management tool just instantly *clicked* for me. 


This is a game changer for me because of its vast features that are super helpful for someone like me who runs an online business.


Plus, their support team is amazing!

Sign up for ClickUp here.

Ever wondered if the person you've sent an email has already opened it?


One of MixMax's amazing features lets you track if they've already opened it and how many times they did! It helps you monitor their behavior and if it's time to send a follow-up email. :)

Create email templates for recurring scenarios and use each one with ease with MixMax's shortcuts.

Sign up for MixMax here.

Looking for a platform that helps you create and sell your online courses and other digital services or products without breaking the bank?

Podia is my first choice! This is ideal for those who are starting out and this is where I hosted my first online course as well.

Sign up for Podia here.

FREE Instagram DIY Kit

Here's a little gift for you!


If you're a mental health professional or a coach who's looking to build and grow their therapy/coaching business on Instagram but doesn't know where to start yet, this one's the best guide you can learn more from!

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