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The  Mission

Making it easy. For you.
I believe you can only do so much in a day, or be at your peak when you're worry-free and not think of a million things all at once.

I am here to help Mental Health Therapists / Professionals and Coaches get the best of both worlds (personal and business life) by making it easy for you to focus on what you do best!

oh, hello!

Thank you for visiting my humble virtual abode, and I'm really happy you're here! Here's a quick peek at my story...

I started this business to help mental health professionals and coaches unload the overwhelm and to start changing the mentality that "you can do it all, alone, all the time."

I was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines where I grew up thinking that getting a job with decent pay was the ONLY way to succeed in life. This was the thinking that has been passed on to me by previous generations and what I also used to believe.

I used to work in a BPO company for 3 years while finishing my college degree, Management Accounting. I left as an Operations Supervisor and shifted to work in one of the 5-star resorts in my city for 6 years.

This is where I developed the "I'll be happy when..." mentality. I started as an Accounting Staff and when I saw the opening for a Training Officer, I applied and was accepted. I thought to myself, I'll be happier to work this time now that my rank is supervisory!

But as 2 years went by, I challenged myself to apply as a Duty Manager and I was accepted. A year after this, I was promoted as a Spa Department Head. I thought I should be at my happiest as I'm now in one of the highest positions -- but no, I still wasn't. Something was missing!


Then came 2020 - the pandemic year. I lost my job and felt discouraged. This is when my husband asked me what I really love to do...

I had to pause and think really hard as this question meant a lot! I didn't want to go back to a job that can be easily taken away from me.

I remembered when I was working in corporate, I always loved exploring different opportunities; while I appreciate routines, I thrive to learn more and not feel stuck.

I always felt full in my heart when learning something new - a tool, a skill, basically anything.​ I used to be so skeptical about opening my own business, let alone a virtual one!


But I took a HUGE leap of faith (while still doubting myself if I can make it) - borrowed my brother's laptop, enrolled in a freelancing course, and... HERE I AM!


The "I'll be happy when.." mindset shifted to "I know I am enough." I now fully understand that my productivity doesn't equate to my worth nor do I confuse happiness with my achievements. :)

Before opening my business, I was either at work or at home dying to catch some sleep. Now, I detached myself from applauding the "hustle yourself to death" culture -- I just feel the happiest and most content!

I get to appreciate and value LIFE again!


As more and more clients sought my help, I didn't feel exhausted at all. I just enjoy what I do and the more fulfilled and successful I feel with my clients' successes!

That's when an invisible light bulb appeared! I FINALLY FOUND WHAT I LOVE TO DO.

To be of help to anyone without geographical restrictions, and help improve businesses and quality of life.


This is what was missing and I'm grateful I finally found it. Rest assured, this is where I'll stay for a loooong time. :)

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some fun facts...

Myers Briggs: INTJ
Enneagram: 1w2
Dream place to visit: Switzerland
Favorite TV Series Shows: Forensic Files, Grey's Anatomy,
and Prison Break
Favorite Bands: Vertical Horizon, Incubus, The Fray, Creed, Nickelback, Dishwalla (almost all 90s bands!)


Ready to enjoy your coffee again?
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