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Who's MJ, you ask?

And what makes her and her team the right fit for your business?

I'm like the female Jackie Chan of digital marketing, bringing that smooth blend of confidence, charm, and a touch of humor to everything I do with some Taylor Swift or Usher music in the background.

I get why you're here, checking me out. You're curious if we're a match, right? So, let's take a quick history trip and see if our pasts or values vibe together!

once upon a time...

Just kidding! I know I said I'll make this quick so here's me being serious...

Back in 2020, right when the pandemic was at its peak, I jumped into the online business world as a General Virtual Assistant.


I was helping every entrepreneur from all sorts of sectors, and soaking up everything I could about the online world.


And let me tell you, it was a lot – email marketing, website creation and updates, social media marketing, and so much more!


I soon realized that focusing on one thing at a time was the way to go, so I dedicated myself to mastering social media marketing and management, with a special love for Instagram.


As I dove deeper, my curiosity expanded to other digital marketing aspects like email marketing and website maintenance.


My journey didn’t stop there! It evolved into project management with a focus on systems, organization, tech integrations, and automation!


My 1st professional branding shoot in December 2021


Me in 2020 figuring everything out as I opened my business!

Looking back, I feel a deep sense of pride and humility.


I vividly remember borrowing my brother's laptop—still my trusty companion for travel and outdoor work—and taking those first steps.

Before I launched my business, I was stuck in a cycle of work and exhaustion.


Now, I've left behind the "hustle till you drop" mentality, finding true happiness and contentment.


Life now has a new meaning, and I cherish every moment.


As I start growing my team and more clients came my way, I never felt drained.


Instead, I thrived on their progress and successes, finding immense joy in what I do. I've truly found my purpose!

Told you, it was quick! Whooooo....

some truths I can't deny...

Dream places to visit: Switzerland, Prague, Malta, and Italy!


Top 3 social media apps: Instagram, TikTok and Facebook!

1920 x 1080 WEBSITE.png

Team MJ? Think of them as my Chris Tucker to my Jackie Chan aura – a perfect blend of energy, expertise, and a knack for getting things done with a smile.

With us, you’re not just hiring help; you’re gaining a powerhouse team dedicated to seeing you win big and ensuring your business not only survives but thrives!

Why mental health professionals?


Mental health professionals and coaches are already juggling a ton, and digital marketing isn't exactly in their syllabus—well, not yet, anyway!

That's where my team's expertise comes into play!

Working with these amazing individuals not only drives my business—it also lets me play a role in breaking down mental health barriers.


And trust me, they're the absolute best to collaborate with!

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