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Making it easy.
For you.

Are you a jack of all trades?
Or do you need to just focus on a few "trades" in your business so you can fully scale and do what you love the most?

Asking for help won't diminish your value as a business owner nor as a person.
Let's create a working system, tick off each task, finish the day feeling fulfilled, and still have time for the little things that matter most!


serving Mental Health Professionals, Medical Doctors and Coaches

with clients featured in...

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Making approve your
soon to be favorite word

Imagine having a solid structure and dedicated support where everything is covered and you stop worrying if anything is falling through the cracks.


How would that feel for you?

Or better yet, what would that mean to you?


Hi, I'm MJ!


I'm on a mission to help mental health professionals, medical doctors and coaches to:

◾ position yourselves as thought leaders and grow a community that believes in what you do and why you do what you do, and respects you

◾ have a sustainable system when marketing your private practice and managing all the moving parts of your business so not only do you save time (and invest it back to your business), but you also protect your energy!

Just because it's your job to provide guidance and support, it certainly doesn't mean YOU don't need it.


Let the expert do the work!


Get consistent and dedicated support in managing your social media profiles AND in marketing your private practice / coaching service to your ideal audience.


Delegate tasks that consume so much of your time, drain your energy, and those that require you to learn something from scratch - you just don't have the capacity to do so!

Trade your time for my expertise and allow me take the driver's seat.


Kind words from Dr. Carrie


My favorite thing about working with MJ is that she is forward thinking and can identify ways to improve upon my business and organization without me asking.

Working with MJ has been one of the best investments in my business to date! For the past few months, I have felt so many improvements in my work-life balance because of the organization and work that she does.


When I have a problem or a challenge within my business, I am confident that MJ will find a solution to make my life easier.


As an entrepreneur, it's so important for me to work with someone who can take some of these decisions off of my mind to reduce my decision fatigue. And MJ is able to initiate and complete a variety of tasks with little direction.


Communication with her is simple, easy, and her personality is amazing to work with!


I have already recommended her to several of my friends and colleagues because of how impressed I am with her work ethic, organization, and ability to work quickly and efficiently.


I would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur, coach, or therapist looking to streamline their business and social media!

Dr. Carrie Jackson

Parent Coach and Licensed Child Psychologist


Fresh drops on the blog...

FREE Instagram DIY Kit

Here's a little gift for mental health professionals and coaches!

This Kit gives you the basic foundation for managing your Instagram account to help you build and grow your therapy/coaching business.


I've received multiple inquiries and what better way than to compile all those questions and supply the answers here!

1920 x 1080 WEBSITE.png
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