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The anatomy of a GOOD Instagram caption

When it comes to growing your digital presence as a mental health professional, one important element is a good social media caption.

While an engaging visual element is also as important, it's equally crucial to write good copy for your Instagram content.

These are some benefits of what a GOOD caption does:

✅ communicates your message to your ideal audience that they can easily digest

✅ encourages engagement - it can be likes, comments, shares, or saves!

✅ increases your KLT factor (Know, Like and Trust) factor - this also helps them see you as either a thought leader or an expert + your audience gauges how they can relate to you!

Now let's tick off the checklist of a GOOD social media caption for your therapy business...

These are in no particular order and you can definitely play around with the format.

As therapists or mental health professionals, it's important to identify and understand these parts so you're not only guided but also create content that is aligned with the following:


Knowing and understanding your target audience will definitely help you tailor your content with the right approach, tone, and elements depending on their interests and needs.

We're not just talking about the demographics here. Look and think beyond that.

Here are some examples to guide you:

  • What should happen for them to make the change or to unlearn something and make space to learn new things that will help them?

  • What are their current beliefs that hinder them to progress?

  • What are their current situations that keep them from getting stuck or getting treatment?


Here are some considerations when thinking about what is your message to your audience:

a) How digestible is your content?

- Is this something that they can take away or reflect on without feeling overwhelmed?

- Sometimes, if you're not aware, you might be sharing too much information than what your audience can consume at the moment

- This is why it's important to create some pacing. To do this, you can create a series or parts so you also build momentum.

b) What tone/s do you want to use?

You can't use the same tone for every single scenario. Just like with your feelings, you don't expect to be calm when you start to feel disappointed or irritated.

Different situations = different tones OR similar tones to use

An example would be when you share a situation in that you want your audience to be aware of something that they're doing that's actually causing harm to their relationships.

  • A good example of this is toxic positivity.

  • What tone/tones would you be using in this specific situation?

Creating a good caption needs to be clear yet strategic.


Why should they stop scrolling and focus on your topic/content for a few seconds?

Think about that when drafting a caption and also put yourself as your ideal audience who is in a specific situation. What would make them pay attention?

You are sharing something important here, and your audience needs to know why!


This is what most of us take for granted or maybe even miss out on a few times and it's called CALL TO ACTION.

After crafting your caption, what would you want your audience to do?

Here are some examples to guide you:

*If your goal is to stir engagement, ask them to comment or share their thoughts with you! You can ask them to share, save, and like!

*If you're aiming to increase your community and build momentum with your messaging, ask them to follow you as you continue to share messages and/or tips like this!

*If your goal is to increase your email list, encourage them to download your freebie or to sign up for your newsletters for an in-depth discussion!


A FRIENDLY REMINDER, remember that you're talking to HUMANS aka people with emotions so:

◾ sprinkle your personality

◾ add some emojis 😍

bold, italicize or CAPITALIZE some texts if you want to give more emphasis!

Just make sure it's still easy on the eyes and easy to read.


Looking for more support?


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Cheering you on,

MJ 💕


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