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What's the most important thing when investing/hiring a social media manager?

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With the constantly changing digital landscape, the role of a social media manager (SMM) has become increasingly important for businesses and professionals across all industries.

For therapists and medical professionals like you looking to improve their online presence and connect with a broader audience, it's crucial to find the right SMM or social media team.

So then, you begin to ask yourself: "How do I find the right one for me?"

Let's talk about the most important things you need to consider when you're planning to invest in/hire a social media manager.

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The first thing you have to consider is the experience.

You need a social media manager who not only understands the complexities of social media but also specializes in catering to your niche.

Consider the length of time the SMM has been honing their skills:

  • Have they worked extensively with mental health professionals before?

  • Do they know the language and tone to use in your niche?

These questions are crucial to ensure that the SMM can smoothly integrate into your therapy/coaching business, grasping the nuances of tone and content.

Additionally, their inherent understanding can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your social media strategy, ensuring that your message resonates authentically with your audience. 😉


Your budget will also be parallel to the social media manager's experience.

You can't walk into a Toyota sales office and expect to buy a Ferrari and vice versa.

Research and benchmark the investment rates of social media managers so you'll have a good grasp.

For social media managers who are just starting or have less than a year of experience, they might have some flexibility with their rates. Yet, you might also need to train them and if that's something you're not willing to do, consider a more experienced one.

The investment rates will depend on the following:

-your social media goals

-based on these goals, the social media manager will curate a strategy that includes the number of posts per month, the content form - Reels/videos or photo posts

-the inclusion of stories

-community engagement

-analysis of insights




In social media marketing and management, results speak volumes.

Before trusting someone with your online presence, it's important to check their track record of success.

When assessing potential candidates, focus on their capability to produce results aligned with your social media goals.

These results can be a before-and-after snapshot of the social media accounts they've handled or are currently handling such as:

  • the community growth and retention,

  • content performance,

  • brand reputation,

  • feedback of their clients about their working experience,

  • and more!

By looking at those results, you can determine if their approach aligns with your social media goals. 💪

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While technical proficiency is crucial, energy acts as the driving force that advances collaboration.

As mental health professionals, you also understand the significance of synergy and rapport in therapeutic relationships.

Likewise, establishing a vibrant partnership with your SMM relies on mutual enthusiasm and dedication! 😉

Have you ever felt so excited or passionate about something and that person couldn't understand or relate to you?

It felt awkward, right? Maybe it stung a bit! 😔

Imagine a social media manager who gets you, understands what it feels like, and has the same passion to help you go from point A to point B.

A social media manager who exudes passion and enthusiasm demonstrates a genuine commitment to your success aka they treat your business like their own!

For instance, when their excitement mirrors your own, it fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual dedication to achieving your social media objectives.

Whether it's brainstorming innovative campaign ideas or navigating unforeseen challenges, aligning with an SMM who radiates energy can elevate your collaborative efforts to new heights! 🥳

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The decision to invest in a social media manager for therapists and medical professionals is not to be taken lightly.

By prioritizing these:

  • experience,

  • budget,

  • results, and

  • energy,

You can find a seasoned social media manager who is not only skilled at navigating social media but is also sensitive to the unique needs of your profession. 😉

Remember, your online presence is more than just a digital facade — it's a reflection of your expertise, compassion, and commitment to promoting mental wellness.

By partnering with the right social media manager, you can amplify your impact, broaden your reach, and cultivate meaningful connections with your audience!🌟

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Cheering you on,

MJ 💕


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