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Let's break this unhelpful assumption! Learn why...

In the social media world, creating engaging and informative content is not a small feat. 😫

It's understandable that you would be worried about this, but it's actually unnecessary.

You can't assume that every member of your ideal audience won't read or watch your content just because they've already seen similar content from others.

You have to avoid making this assumption because it can hinder your ability to communicate and engage with them effectively. 😰

Here's why:

1️⃣ Different perspectives, fresh insights 💡

It's possible that your unique perspective can provide a fresh or deeper insight for your audience, even if the core message is similar.

Even when other mental health professionals or medical doctors cover the same topics, each person has their own interpretation of that specific topic.

And this diversity only deepens your audience's experience.

That's why, offering a unique viewpoint on important subjects actually benefits your audience because they can see the different perspectives on the same topic. 🤩

2️⃣ Repetition strengthens understanding and action 👌

Repetition enhances understanding and prompts action.

Viewing content multiple times can amplify its impact and improve the chances of it being remembered or acted upon.

This is similar to how marketing campaigns utilize repetition to engrain their message in your mind aka the marketing rule of 7.

The more you come across a certain message, the more likely you will absorb it, and eventually take action.

When you're communicating with your community, it's best not to shy away from repetition since it can be a valuable tool for making your message stick. 😉

3️⃣ Timing matters 🕒

Timing is crucial.

Your message can potentially connect with your audience when they are more open to it or in need of it.

What might have been irrelevant to them in the past could become highly relevant in a different context.

Think about how frequently you encounter advice or information that didn't resonate with you until a later point when you face a particular challenge.

This situation also applies to your audience as well!

That's why, consistently sharing your message increases the chances of your audience encountering it at the perfect time when it has an impact on their lives. ✨

4️⃣ Building trust through consistency 🤝

Consistency in your messaging fosters trust.

Regularly sharing your insights and knowledge on topics that matter to your community can make you a reliable source of information and support.

When you consistently provide valuable content, your audience is more likely to stick with you, even if the topic is similar to other's content.

And by maintaining a presence in your audience's lives, you give them assurance that you are a trustworthy resource.

This trust forms the foundation where you can build a devoted following and a thriving community. 💖

5️⃣ Diverse audiences, Different timings 📣

Your content reaches different audience segments at different times.

Not everyone in your audience engages with your content simultaneously.

You need to consider your audience as a diverse group with different interests and schedules.

Some might view your posts in real time, while others may come across them weeks or even months later.

Therefore, every interaction with your content is an opportunity to reinforce your message.

After all, what might seem like repetition to some is, in reality, a fresh and valuable insight for others. ✨


Therefore, don't assume your audience will lose interest because of content similarities!

Instead, focus on the topics and content forms that resonate well with your audience. 😉

For example:

  • If you're answering a Q&A - would they best engage if you reply through a video and post it as 30 to 90-second Reel or will they best absorb it if you create a carousel post?

  • If you're sharing quick tips, do they prefer to read it through photos/caption or do they retain it better if you talk about it in a video?

Just remember to understand what your audience wants and present a fresh perspective so you can create exceptional and unforgettable content!

Creating original content is challenging, but it's an opportunity to create something better, unique, and more valuable.🌟


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Cheering you on,

MJ 💕


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