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Get the dedicated launch support for your digital course or program and turn leads into signups

design . systems . automation. social media

Who is this for?

🌈 You're planning to launch a digital course/program within the next 6 months or so (if it's your first time launching, best to give yourself more time to prepare)

🌈 This isn't your first launch but you're planning to relaunch within the next 3 months or so and you want to make changes/updates to your existing program

🌈 You've already established your branding identity, your website and brand photos

🌈 You have already built your email list

🌈 You have the launch strategy and copy but you need help bringing this strategy to life through designs, social media marketing, automations and working through all the moving parts!

🌈 You already have an existing social media platform (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Page)

🌈 You plan to market this launch on your social media platforms aside from email


Here are  my solutions for you...

⚡ Webpages Design

◾ A strip on your homepage to highlight your launch/re-launch

◾ Sales Page

◾ Thank You Page

⚡ Course/Program Design

◾ Course Landing Page

◾ Course/Module Covers

◾ Presentation Slides

⚡ Email Campaign Sequence Layout/Design

◾ Pre-Launch

◾ Launch

◾ Post-Launch

⚡ Social Media Design and Repurposed Copy

◾ Pre-Launch

◾ Launch

◾ Post-Launch

⚡ Includes up to two collective revisions

⚡ 30-minute monthly call for review, updates and progress


✨ Click Up System for Communication, Approval & Review

✨ Hashtag Bank for Social Media Copy




⭐ minimum of 3 months including revisions, depending on the scope of the program/course.

Investment starts at USD 3,500



⚡ Everything in Starter


⚡ Course/Program Design

◾ Upload approved course/module covers, presentation slides, videos and other launch collaterals to Kajabi, Teachable, or your preferred course platform

⚡ Email Campaign Sequence Layout/Design

◾ Email segmentation and automation

◾ Schedule the approved emails

⚡ Social Media

◾ Schedule the approved social media content and designs

◾ Inbound Community engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn 5x a week, 30 minutes a day

⚡ Forms - create, design, manage and monitor

◾ Market Research

◾ Onboarding Form

◾ Course/Program Feedback

(using Google Forms, ClickUp, your Project Management Tool)

⚡ Includes up to two collective revisions

⚡ Reports

◾ Weekly tracking of email performance and course/program sign-ups

◾ Monthly tracking and review of social media insights

⚡ 30-minute monthly call for review, updates and progress


✨ Content Calendar for your emails, and social media content per social media platform

✨ Lead Engagement Tracker for Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn

Investment starts at USD 5,500


⭐ minimum of 3 months including revisions, depending on the scope of the program/course.

What does your process look like?

Complete and submit the Launch Support form

Please be as detailed as possible on this form.

Contract and Invoice will be sent

Once the proposal is approved, the contract and invoice will be sent.

Free Discovery Call

Please give me at least 48 hours to review your answers and I'll reach out for us to agree on the best time for a discovery call.

Proposal will be sent

The proposal will be sent within the same day of the discovery call or a day after.

Onboarding starts and we get to work

Once the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, we shall get to work!

Contract renewal after 3 to 6 months, as applicable
  • Is the Discovery Call FREE?
    Yes, it is! It will be about 30 to 45 minutes and it will be recorded for both of our reference and will be used when I create the proposal and contract.
  • What are your payment options?
    I prefer Remitly and Wise (higher conversion rates and less service fees). Paypal will also be an option but with an additional 5% service fees. All payments should be paid in full before starting any work, unless otherwise agreed.
  • What are your working hours?
    My business hours are from 9am to 4pm Philippine Standard Time, Mondays to Fridays. Should a client need me prior or beyond this timeframe, it will be by appointment basis only. Any last-minute requests / changes would need at least 48-hours notice. This will require time so my 100% attention will only be to you. I am not the right fit if you need someone to work with you on a specific timezone and timeframe. 😊

I have no words. MJ is everything that she says that she is and let me just share this...that is NOT always the story of everyone

I genuinely loved everything and personally appreciated how everything was mapped out with clear expectations and timelines. MJ's work exceeded my expectations!

I realized there's a lot that I haven't been doing but that is why MJ is now a part of my life!

I'm very grateful for your vision and commitment to excellence. You've been an absolute joy to work with and truly and answer to prayer.


It is so nice to trust your team and I appreciate all of the grace and flexibility the team has shown with all I have happening. This has truly been the greatest and most beneficial investment I've made as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Charryse Johnson

Expert Mental Health Consultant, Author, Speaker

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