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Top reasons why you SHOULD repurpose your content

What is content repurposing anyway? 🤔

Content Repurposing is crafting new, useable content out of the existing content that you have, which means you never have to start from scratch!

YES! You can re-use the content you’ve already invested time in creating. 😉

Your content is a resource that should be leveraged to its fullest. 🙌

Most content marketers only use a piece of content once.

With the popularity of social media, we can and should repurpose our content for different platforms into formats that our target audience may prefer.

When you repurpose your content, one piece of content can be repurposed into several other pieces of content.

This means more content opportunities for you and a wider audience to maximize impact. 🤩

One important thing to keep in mind is that your audience not only differs in which part of the world they're from but each one of them has different LEARNING STYLES.

👉 Some may prefer photo-based posts or carousels

👉 Others would retain and absorb the message easily when they watch a video

👉 Some might not have the time to listen to a 30-minute podcast and would prefer to read a blog or a newsletter instead

And because of this, recycling your content to different platforms and in different content forms will actually help your audience to LEARN and DIGEST your message.


Here are some reasons why you should repurpose your content 👇

✨ Saves you tons of time and effort as you don't need to create content from scratch

✨ Different content forms = different ways you best serve your audience who have multiple ways of learning

✨ Improves your SEO by adding cross-links between similar posts and generating more traffic to your website

✨ Increase engagement and traffic as this will help create more targeted and specific content resulting in engagement with your current audience and attracting new ones too.

While creating and publishing fresh content is important, don't let your awesome posts rest for a long time or for good! 🤦‍♀️

Revisiting what has done well in the past and repurposing this content can be a quick way of gaining new traffic for your social media account.

Need help in this area of your business!?

Tap the link in my bio and sign up to work with me! 💖

Cheering you on,

MJ 💕


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