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Content Repurposing and Distribution

Content creation and planning are essential aspects of any successful marketing strategy.

Yet this also means that creating high-quality content can be time-consuming and requires a significant investment of resources (time, money, brain space, and everything in-between).

Repurposing and distributing your existing content can help you get more mileage out of your investment while reaching a wider audience. 🙌


Repurposing content means recycling the content that you already have into different content forms, giving it a new life and helping you reach more people.

Examples of these are:

◾ make your carousel posts into a Reel where you use the content as your script

◾ turn an Instagram Live Replay into a Reel series

◾ make a Reel or carousel posts out of the questions that you've answered in your Instagram stories

◾ turn a single photo post into a carousel

This approach truly saves time and effort since you're not starting from scratch.

Content distribution, on the other hand, is the process of spreading your content to other types of media which can be of the same format or in a different content form.

Examples of these can be:

◾ Instagram Carousel to a LinkedIn Document

- make use of the carousel and turning it into a PDF and upload it to your LinkedIn profile/page

◾ Instagram Reel to a TikTok video

- make use of your existing Reel and upload it on TikTok with a different yet still appropriate audio (as applicable)

◾ A lengthy blog post can be distributed through: -email newsletters (create a series out of it!)

-use the words as your script and create Reels or TikTok videos

-create Instagram carousels and then convert them into LinkedIn documents

Proper distribution is critical since it helps you reach your target audience in various platforms, increases brand awareness, and generates leads and sales.

Why do these matter?


It's important to understand that your audience may not have the time to consume every piece of content you produce.

Life gets in the way, and your followers may not always be on the platform where they found you.

Additionally, the sheer volume of content on social media means that your followers can only consume so much in a day. 🤷‍♀️

When you gain new followers, they will likely see your most recent content, but may not have the time or inclination to go back and view everything you've produced in the past.

Don't expect everyone to binge-watch or read your entire profile, although a handful may do so.

Rather, focus on consistently producing high-quality content that can stand on its own, and be open to repurposing older content that is still relevant and valuable.


It's a common mistake to assume that your audience will absorb your message in the same way you enjoy creating it.

For instance, photo-based posts or Reels might not always be the best way to convey your message effectively.

To ensure your audience is connecting with your content, review your insights on a monthly basis and experiment with different content types.

👉 If you're hesitant about appearing on Reels, give faceless reels a shot.

👉 If posting carousels is too time-consuming, design templates instead.

By embracing different content formats, you'll be able to reach a relatively wider audience and communicate your message more effectively. 👏

When should these matter?

I'm a huge advocate of learning at your own pace, taking what you can for now, and going from there AKA progress over perfection and unreasonable expectations.

With that:

  • if you already have a good amount of content

    • examples:

      • 100 posts on Instagram

      • blog posts

      • weekly newsletters

      • YouTube videos

  • if you have the systems in place or you're about to create one

Then, start exploring and distributing your content to other social media platforms where your ideal audience is! 🙂

I wouldn't recommend doing content distribution if you're still starting out on Instagram.

Give yourself at least 6 months to learn Instagram and have some in-depth experience with it before you distribute your content to other social media platforms.

This way, you're setting realistic and reasonable goals/expectations and you don't overload yourself with too much information and systems all at once.

Exception: If you're ready to hire a seasoned social media manager/strategist, then this would be a huge help and can quicken your content repurposing and distribution!

What's the impact?

Robert Katai's visual is the best way to showcase how recreating and distributing your content can make a significant impact.

Content repurposing and distribution are essential and helpful strategies in the content marketing landscape.

These enable you to maximize the value of your existing content, increase your visibility and discoverability, and stay relevant in an ever-changing digital world.

By strategically repurposing content, you can boost your ROI, expand your reach, and solidify your position as an industry authority.

So, don't let your valuable content go to waste – repurpose it and watch your content marketing efforts soar to new heights. ✨


Looking for more support? HERE'S HOW I CAN HELP YOU 👇

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Cheering you on,

MJ 💕


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