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Show up consistenly on social media without having to
be in it 24/7.

Instagram Management

A customized social media strategy is what I always recommend as each business has its own

unique needs, market, and goals.

🔅 Content Creation
🔅 Graphics Creation (Reels, Video, Photos)
🔅 Post Scheduling
🔅 Social Engagement
🔅 Click Up System for SMM Approval & Review

🔅 Hashtag Bank

🔅 Monthly Tracking of Insights

🔅 Bi-Weekly or Monthly Strategy Call

Investment starts at US$800

Content Repurposing

Your audience has different learning styles. Some are fond of videos, most are entertained with photos only, and some people give their full

attention to a 45-min podcast.

Repurposing your content to different mediums not only helps you magnify your content, but you're also serving the needs of your audience by connecting to how they best absorb your message!


🔅 IG/Blog Post to Email Newsletter
🔅 YouTube Video to IG Reels / TikTok
🔅 Pinterest Pin to IG Post / IG Reels
🔅 Blog Post to IG Post / IG Reels

🔅 Podcast to Pinterest Pin / IG Post

Investment starts at US$500
...With her help, I am able to focus on other aspects of the business, knowing that my marketing department is well taken care of...
I started working with MJ, three months ago. Before working with her, I did not know how to plan for my content and social media engagement. MJ helped me to set up the foundation of my IG account and works closely with me to grow the community. 
Within 3 months of opening, we grew from just 100 to almost 500 followers. What I enjoy working with MJ is that she is open to all ideas and she often supports and explores ways that
I would like to showcase my feed and posts.

She is also very initiative to come up with new ideas and new topics to discuss on social media platforms. With her help, I am able to focus on other aspects of the business such as people management and operations, knowing that my marketing department is well taken care of.

She gives timely and accurate reports on how the posts are doing. This gives me a better insight into what to focus on in future marketing campaigns. I would definitely recommend her service to others I know!

Jacqueline Soon

Yoga Teacher and Owner of Ki Yoga Studio

Not quite ready yet?

Don't worry! I still got you.

I made this Kit to give you the basic foundation in managing your social media accounts. 


I've received multiple inquiries and what better way than to compile all those questions and supply the answers here!

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