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"I can do it all, alone" is the most dangerous thing to believe when running a business.

The ClickUp Set-up is  for you when:
🍂 You are starting to build your team and need an effective process to assign which task to which team member, and be able to monitor its progress/status.

🍂 You want to have a bigger picture of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks — know the urgency and frequency of each task so you don't miss out on anything!

🍂 You need a system in place automating your forms and creating a client database in one place.
What's  included in the ClickUp system set-up?
Initial Call for mapping of workflows or expected set-up
Two-week support after set-up
Voxer access for 2 weeks after set-up
ClickUp Video Guides for lifetime reference
***Lead time is dependent on the extent of the set-up, but starts at a minimum of two weeks
***to get the utmost experience for ClickUp's automation and other features, please subscriber to their Business plan
🍂  Investment starts at US$849  🍂
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