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You are NOT your social media results

Have you ever felt like you're already doing every single thing right, but it's just not working -- or worse, you feel like nothing's going according to plan? 😩

I know that feeling - and it doesn't certainly feel good at all!

I've been there too. You feel like you're doing everything but you're getting nowhere. 🤷‍♀️

The reality is that you really do not have direct control over the results of your social media efforts and I want you to understand that from the get-go.


◾ the reach of your posts or the number of times people will share and save it

◾ people to comment on your posts, or not comment at all

◾ for Instagram or other social media platform's algorithms to push your content every single time

◾ people to unfollow you or bombard you with irrelevant/disrespectful DMs

how people react to your posts, or if they even choose to engage with them at all.

And you know what? That's OK and totally normal—and it's what we all go through every day.

As long as you're creating content that is true to your brand and values, you can't control what other people will think or say. 🙌

But let me tell you something: It doesn't mean we have to give up!

Instead, focus on what YOU CAN CONTROL, like:

✅ how consistent you are in genuinely connecting with your audience so you can build and grow a warm and supportive community

✅ review what posts had the highest reach and engagement

◾ check what content form and call to action were used, and

◾ how you presented your caption and try to mimic that

◾ have the courage and open mind to experiment!

✅ choose what type of content forms you're comfortable using, or how often you want to show up in your stories.


Please DO NOT attach yourself to the outcomes of your social media efforts that:

😔 you label yourself as a failure

😔 you feel like you're not progressing at all

😔 you feel like you've wasted your effort, energy, money, and time when something flops or you didn't get the result that you wanted

It's important to understand that social media success is not necessarily dependent on the number of your followers, but rather on the quality of your content and how it resonates with your audience. 😎

Finally, it's important to be mindful of the fact that social media algorithms are constantly changing.


You might not have direct control over the results of your social media efforts—but YOU DO HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR MIND AND YOUR EMOTIONS!

So don’t give up on yourself or your business yet and celebrate the progress that you've been constantly making!

A good balance of learning and unlearning is also a huge part of progress and success. ✨

Cheering you on,

MJ 💕


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