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An online course especially and thoughtfully crafted for mental health professionals who:

  • plan to shift to private practice within the next 3-6 months and would love to start growing their therapy business online but just don't know how to start.
  • are now in private practice but haven't explored Instagram yet but would want to get started as soon as possible - they just need the right help and support.
  • have been on Instagram either recently or for quite some time and haven't figured out the strategy that will be a better fit for their therapy business and be aligned with their ideal audience.

Do any of these describe YOU?

📌 I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done to build awareness for my therapy business on Instagram and grow my ideal community.

📌 I want to get started but I don't have that much time to spare or budget to spend when marketing my therapy business.

📌 I have started doing the work but I feel lost and I don't have a substantial and sustainable strategy to achieve the results that I am looking for.

What if in 3-6 months YOU could...

🏆 Have the confidence to show up and position yourself not just as a thought leader or as a highly respectable brand, but also be known and acknowledged as one of the trusted experts in your specialization/s
🏆 Use Instagram as your online waiting lounge for your soon-to-be clients and help increase your therapy business' longevity
🏆 Launch digital courses and coaching programs, and open doors to paid collaborations (ex. podcasts, speaking events, conference) where you create different streams of passive income
🏆 Grow your community that consists of your ideal audience who believes in what you do and why you do what you do, and admires and respects you
🏆 Have a sustainable system when marketing your practice so you have more time for what and who matters most to you
🏆 Rest easy and feel even more fulfilled because you know you're coming from a place of helping people and even when online, you're still consciously applying social media ethics

...would you be willing to take the first step and commit to put in the work?

Hello, I'm MJ!

When I niched down to helping mental health professionals, an idea to create this passion project (my first ever course!) came to mind as I went over my discovery calls to assess what the real need is or where the unmet gaps are.

The most common and pressing challenges I've learned are the following:

a) They don't know or don't have a good understanding yet of the foundations on how to promote or market their therapy business on Instagram where it would attract their ideal audience so they end up posting based on what they see from others or what they feel like it.

b) For those that do know or have a better grasp, they also need the right support when creating a sustainable strategy - one where they don't burn out! They end up feeling lost because of the endless trial and error.

I have been a Social Media Manager since 2020 and took the long road when I decided to focus on growing my Instagram account.

If I can count the number of times I've failed in an epic way, made mistakes through trial and error, the number of hours I've spent doing research and experimenting on what works and what doesn't -- I would create a summary for you, pronto!

But, I'm sharing these because you don't have to go through what I've experienced -- heck, you can even surpass my current following AND THAT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU!

I want to teach you HOW to make your therapy business sustainable using a free platform and via organic marketing.

This is my BIG WHY. With the way our world evolves and works now, you can make technology and the online space your best allies and use them to your full advantage.

What you'll learn in this course...


Learn Instagram's business side and discover how you can best use this platform for your therapy business.

From identifying your ideal audience to understanding Instagram jargons to optimizing your Instagram profile.


Understand the crucial elements needed to write a compelling copy that will resonate with your ideal audience.

From setting social media goals to creating your content to learning how to develop your own hashtag strategy.


Translate your copy into on-brand designs and into different content forms that will best serve the different learning styles of your ideal audience.


I'll teach you ways on how to strategically position your content in front of your ideal audience and learn a step-by-step system to best automate the process.


Grow your online community and effectively connect with them through my proven community engagement strategies!

Plus, have a sustainable system in keeping track of each one you connect with!


Learn how to track, analyze, and fully make use of your Instagram data so you never get lost in translation with these numbers.

I'll also help you how to efficiently keep track of all of this data in one place!


Social Media Ethics by Dr. Carrie Jackson
  • Learn ways on how to stay ethical as a therapist when building an online presence

  • How to best manage and address common challenges and tough situations when running a social media account as a mental health professional​

Multiple FREEBIES for you to enjoy and to help you get started!
  • From Content Calendar, Hashtag Bank, Design Templates, Engagement Trackers and many more!

1-hour strategy session with me on the 3rd month for the first 5 VIP clients who will sign up.
  • Let's assess the strategy you've been applying for the past two months, and identify the major strengths and weak spots to further help you grow your therapy business.​

Plus, new official updates from Instagram and any new content releases!

One-time Investment = $150

This course is for you if:

  • You are a mental health professional who doesn't have any idea at all about how to use Instagram for your therapy business.

  • You have used Instagram in the past or are currently using it but with little to no guidance and you're ready to be guided in the right direction.​​

This course is not for you if:

  • You are not yet ready to take the leap in building and growing not just your therapy business but also your authority on Instagram.

  • You easily give up on the necessary challenges that you'll encounter as you go along with this course and especially when you start to apply the things you'll learn.

  • You already have an established and solid Instagram base.

    • If you need help in other areas of your business like social media or operations, click the underlined words to know more about how I can help you out or connect with me through

  • Is the Discovery Call FREE?
    Yes, it is! It will be about 30 to 45 minutes and it will be recorded for both of our reference and will be used when I create the proposal and contract.
  • What are your payment options?
    I prefer Remitly and Wise (higher conversion rates and less service fees). Paypal will also be an option but with an additional 5% service fees. All payments should be paid in full before starting any work, unless otherwise agreed.
  • What are your working hours?
    My business hours are from 9am to 4pm Philippine Standard Time, Mondays to Fridays. Should a client need me prior or beyond this timeframe, it will be by appointment basis only. Any last-minute requests / changes would need at least 48-hours notice. This will require time so my 100% attention will only be to you. I am not the right fit if you need someone to work with you on a specific timezone and timeframe. 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

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